JSR Life Sciences

Bioprocess Materials

News   •   Nov 07, 2011 19:25 CET

JSR Life Sciences is proudly providing materials that contribute to the manufacturing process of biopharmaceuticals using integrated technologies of precision polymer synthesis, surface modification, and genetic engineering.

As a first step, JSR Life Sciences offers protein A affinity media that is an indispensable component in the purification process of mono- and polyclonal antibody drugs.

JSR Protein A Affinity Media - "Amsphere™ Protein A JWT203"

JLS has developed a novel protein A media for downstream processing of bio-molecules through Poronomics™, our proprietary technology for the design of hydrophilic and porous resins with large surface area. Due to its characteristics of high dynamic binding capacity, high alkaline resistance, high flow rate compatibility, and sharp elution profile, easy packing and affordable price, JSR protein A affinity media offers the biopharmaceutical industry great utility from both a technical and business perspective.