New city app Manyguide: local experts answer your questions about Brussels & Amsterdam

Press Release   •   Jan 14, 2016 11:22 CET

Introducing Manyguide, the service that invites you to ask its community of 600 smart locals who can help you find anything you need in the city. Want to know where to go or what to do right now, tonight, or tomorrow? The Manyguide iPhone app allows you to ask a question and get a personal answer in minutes from one of the 600 local experts who have knowledge on anything you need. Not pre-existing advice, and not a virtual assistant with a narrow field of knowledge.

When you’re on the go, you don’t have time to read through lists of yesterday’s information, you just want direction. “Our guides can help you find the places to go right now. For example, a terrace that still has the sun shining” says Gunter Boutsen, co-founder of Manyguide.

The service uses its own artificial intelligence that matches users’ questions to the expertise of its database of guides. It sends out a notification and a real person takes over to provide current, real, honest information about what to do, see, eat, or drink, along with a digital card with opening hours, directions, and more information. “When you want a personal answer, you need a real person,” says Boutsen, “The app uses automation to help you find the right human, not replace them.”

Becoming a guide is by invitation only, to ensure that Manyguide’s community is truly knowledgeable, and users can opt to tip guides who help them find that choice vinyl rarity, off-the-grid museum, or the best local beer.

About Manyguide:

Manyguide is the free app that uses artificial intelligence to assign questions to 600 real local experts, who provide help, right when you need it. The company was founded in 2014 by two old friends, Maarten van den Biggelaar from Amsterdam and Gunter Boutsen from Brussels, who wanted to help anyone exchange the kind of location-based city advice they’d been giving each other for years. Manyguide launched in the App Store in December 2015 and is now available for Brussels and Amsterdam.