2 Billion Bees in 2020 Project

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Our goal is to create 200k homes for bee families. Donating them to 100 affected countries with a simple click we reach a target of two billion bees that could save the entire planet. Save 100 bees for one dollar. Are you up for it?

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About BeeRole

Global Honey Marketplace

Beerole, it's more than just a company, it's your brand new favourite global marketplace. We connect honey lovers and bee keepers from all around the world, through a social platform that aims to build strong connections, and a new concept based on social awareness, commitment and community building.

We love to enhance good quality products, from verified and eligible brands, building a platform that works with a socializing strategy, focused on dedicated and relevant content, on group chats for a better communication and understanding of the market, thus creating a very powerful tool for all the honey lovers out there. Also, we have simplified the acquisition process by putting to- gether the most important honey producers worldwide.

Pure, raw honey produced by the best in the industry. Easy access to all the producers, to any honey related issues or packers shop. A worldwide platform with the main goal to bring people together and enjoy a honey experience like never before.

Your search has never been easier.


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