Tips on Staying Fit Over 40

Press release   •   Jul 16, 2019 22:44 EEST

Here’s a sad reality that seems to have become a norm instead of exception. Droves of men over the age of 40 pack it in and decide that their life is on the decline. They expect to have all the age-related conditions that they saw older adults before them deal with.

But do you know what this really is? It’s a lame-ass excuse not to be your best. In other words, it’s a cop out.

Sure, it’s true that after even the age of 30, your HGH and testosterone levels slowly start to decline. You can blame that on mother nature. And when this reaches a certain point, that’s when you would want to maybe come to an anti-aging clinic like HGH Vallarta and get an prescription.

However, these people who just let themselves go and become fatter, weaker and more immobile by the day because they think it’s meant to happen is just complete nonsense! Both them and you deserve better than that, and there are ways you can keep the brain, body and even pecker, sharp and spry well into your older years.

You first have to realize that age is just a number and means nothing in the big picture. The most important thing is how you think, how you act and how you treat other people. With all this being said, stop making excuses, don’t be a sissy and follow these tips to stay on your game after you cross the 40-year-old mark.

Keep your body mobile.

There’s nothing fun about being on one medication for lower back pain, one medication for anxiety and one medication for depression. Well, if you sit for long periods of time and do not incorporate movement into your daily life, you WILL develop some form of chronic pain.

Then you’ll give in and go to the doctor to get a prescription drug to treat said pain. But, you will get anxious because you let yourself get to this point, so you’ll then be given a drug to counter that.

BUT, you’ll realize that you are now on two medications for two different conditions and become depressed. So your doctor will give you a third medication. Then you will have trouble sleeping due to side effects from one of these drugs and you’ll be given one more medication for good measure.

And it’s at that point that you say, “F it, I’m getting old,” and you’ll accept your life sentence of taking a drug cocktail every day just to make it through.

You can prevent this downward spiral from happening by simply keeping your joints, muscles and connective tissue as flexible as possible. And you can do it through the medium of mobility work.

It doesn’t have to be pretty, it doesn’t have to be complex and it doesn’t even need to take long. All you have to do is perform movements every day that stretch all of your large muscle groups.

A standard yoga class can get the job done. You can also watch a yoga DVD and perform a whole session in the privacy of your own home.

It doesn’t really matter, as long as you stay as loose as a goose.

Go for walks more often.

Mother nature is a big piece of the aging puzzle. Do not disrespect her because she can do wonderful things for the mind and body.

When you surround yourself with the outdoors, you see pretty sights and views, breathe fresh air and get a sense of purpose. This helps boost your mood through the roof and it has later become known as ecotherapy.

Well, try to go outside and get some ecotherapy every day. And if you work out at a park or in your yard, you will kill two birds with one stone. You can stay in shape while also feeling the effects of nature.

Stay strong.

This was almost eluded to above. Buying HGH injections is one step toward maintaining your muscle and strength. But your muscles won’t just grow magically. They still need to be worked to a point that growth can be spawned. And that’s where some good weightlifting comes to the table.

Again, you don’t need to get fancy or heroic. In fact, your goal is to maintain size and strength as you age. There’s no need to do super-heavy powerlifting. That just breaks your joints down even more and predisposes you to injuries.

Take more of a functional approach and use moderate weights. For example, do exercises that involve multiple planes of motion. A kettlebell Turkish get-up would be a good example of one of these drills.

It works your entire body, with an emphasis on the core. This is a big-bang-for-your-buck exercise that can keep you strong, while promoting good posture.

Drills like this are money and they should be the ones you base your workouts around.

And before we leave the topic of working out, another thing you should do are circular patterns that cross the midline of the body. These work nicely to improve brain function better than any crossword puzzle or word-find. Here’s an example.

Simply hold a medicine ball in front of your thighs with your arms straight and draw a big circle in front of your body for a set of reps. Then change directions. That’s a simple circular pattern that will work your arms, core and brain in one fell swoop.

Think positive.

No one likes a Debbie douchebag, raining on everyone’s parade and talking in negative tongue all day. If you think negative, then you will attract negative. For example, if you except illness, sickness, developing diseases and having bad joints, then you will likely get ALL of that and maybe more.

But… if you were to flip some switches, screw your head on straighter and ONLY think positive thoughts, then the complete opposite can happen. Act like you are completely healthy, strong, happy, virile and mentally sharp. And ONLY think this way all the time.

You will be shocked at how much of a significant impact this will make on your overall wellbeing.

Final words of wisdom.

These tips are only a few that you can deploy this very second. Don’t let life get you down or make you feel sad. And for the love of everything holy, make sure to eat clean! That’s one of the biggest causes of ill health across the board—no matter how old you are.

Stay as natural as you can, don’t eat late at night and make sure to keep alcohol to minimal levels. Combine this with the above strategies and you have the aging thing licked! 

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