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America Outdoors and Grand Canyon Rafting with Arizona River Runners

Blog post   •   Dec 07, 2011 22:06 UTC

Arizona River Runners is a member of America Outdoors Association. This is a national organization made up of companies and people that do private business on public lands. Land designated as National Parks, Bureau of Land Reclamation and National Forest for examples.Arizona River Runners provides all-inclusive rafting trips within Grand Canyon National Park.

America Outdoors Association (AO) serves individual companies' interests in many ways. They provide awareness of issues on the federal level. AO has a lobbyist in Washington with outfitters' interests in mind. AO holds an annual convention where people who do similar business can network. This convention has learning opportunities through seminars and demonstrations. There is also a large market where equipment and services that are relevant to this industry are on display. Relevant products and wares are available for order. Insurance companies and computer companies are present and willing to explain, teach and show the new concepts and ideas coming to market that are useful on many levels of our businesses, including whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Some AO members are ranchers, horse people, hunters, hikers and, of course....river runners. Some do business in a boat, astride a horse, or on a 4-wheel vehicle. There is a wide diversity within the group. They are naturalists and outdoors people by nature who are trying to make a successful business of their love of nature.

All these businesses explore, appreciate and want to preserve the great natural wonders that we have. AO helps individual companies to balance the demands of running a safe and profitable business with the preservation and appreciation of nature.

Our public lands are important to us and they must be preserved and protected. They are not to be closed off to us, but access should be with the utmost respect and reverence for their condition and continued well being.

Parks should not be set aside like your Mom's fancy dishes. They are to be respectfully enjoyed, appreciated and loved. AO help us at Arizona River Runners and you to do those things.

Arizona River Runners is proud to be a member of AO, and support organizations that protect our environment. We are nature lovers, adventurists and we love people.

For our Grand Canyon rafting packages call us at 1-800-477-7238. We would love to take you on a guided river rafting tour through the Grand Canyon.