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CEATEC 2015: ROHM Collaborating with Venture Companies to Push Technological Boundaries

Blog post   •   Oct 08, 2015 16:39 UTC

Making a splash again in the technology sector, ROHM is showcasing its ideas and products under a simple but effective concept: ‘Challenge tomorrow with your imagination.’

This is taking place at CEATEC 2015, Asia’s biggest technology fair, which is being held October 7–10 on the outskirts of Tokyo at the Makuhari Messe. Using the Technology Innnovations Corner serves as the hub for its showcase, ROHM is focusing primarily on presenting its semiconductors for use in automobiles and factory automation.

At the ‘Collaborating to Challenge Corner’, which has been received tremendously well by guests and journalists, Rohm is presenting how it is utilizing its products to work together with a wide range of companies and other types of organizations in innovative ways.

Among these, three innovations have really stood out:

1. ORIZURU – the flying paper crane

One of the most popular presentations at ROHM’s booth has been the company’s showcasing of a drone-like paper crane. Ultra-lightweight with flapping wings, this origami paper crane left spectators amazed as it debuted in a flight demonstration through the event’s halls.


Made possible through ROHM’s collaborative efforts with Tyoukogata Hikoutai Lab, the idea behind ORIZURU was to celebrate the unique Japanese culture behind paper cranes, which are beautifully crafted and a symbol of peace in Japan. While at the same time respecting the tradition of paper cranes, ROHM and Tyoukogata Hikoutai Lab sought to incorporate latest technological innovations and bring this symbol of peace to life.

In order to achieve this, a specially designed, SD card-sized microcomputer was used in combination with paper almost identical to that which is used in traditional paper cranes. With a span of 70 centimeters while weighing all of a mere 31 grams, the crane was controlled through the Lazurite unit.

Collaboration partner: Tyoukogata Hikoutai Lab (超小型飛行体研究所 )

2. The Karakuri Playing Music Robots – a musical, technological delight

Collaborating with robot company Yukai-kogaku , ROHM hosted a live performance from the Karakuri Robot Music Group, which delighted an eager crowd of onlookers.

Appearing in a formation of six, the robots performed music through a built-in microcomputer. With a built-in accelerometer and air pressure sensor, the wielding of a conductor’s baton by one robot sees its fellow robots able to adjust and match this with their musical tempo. The various musical styles and charming idiosyncrasies of the robots’ performance brought smiles to the crowd.

Collaboration partner: Yukai-kogaku (ユカイ工学)

Karakuri Ongakutai

3. The Tokimeki Sensor – a different take on palpitation sensors

One of the most popular experiences at the Rohm booth this year has been the Tokimeki palpitaiton sensor. Imagine getting your love professed by both a two-dimensial character and an actual human being – which would make your heart race? The visitors at CEATEC 2015 were able to experience just this, and with surprising results.

An idea that originated as an April Fool’s joke in a Facebook post, ROHM this April announced that it had developed a device that can measure your feelings when being told the magic words: ‘I love you’. While the posting was a mere farce at that time, the headlines that it generated eventually resulted in this becoming an actual reality as TECHMAC Inc. stepped in – making unorthidox use of one of ROHM’s light sensors with a unique algorithm.

Animation characters in Japan are commonly referred to as ‘two-dimensional’, while reali-life humans are called ‘three-dimensional’. This has produced a popular argument among Japanese in terms of preference: two versus three dimensions. At CEATEC 2015, ROHM set out to find the answer via the sensor, with the results being collected online. While there are no plans at present to make this device available for sale, the unique technology that went into making it is currently being put into practice as part of a variety of other projects.

Collaboration partner: TECHMAC Inc.

CEATEC 2015 has seen ROHM unveil products and devices in mind-capuring fashion – thanks to its innovative collaborations with a variety of companies. From this point on, ROHM is setting out to further challenge itself and the market as this technological innovator pushes the world’s technologies ever further forward.

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