Dramagame @ Steam Greenlight

Blog post   •   Aug 31, 2012 07:20 GMT

Steam launched the new Steam Greenlight process yesterday. This means that the community gets to vote which games are sold in Steam. Dramagame was part of the Greenlight Beta and thus we are among the launch titles! If you have a Steam account, please vote for us.

At the same time we updated our website heavily. There is a new frontpage and everyone gets to see more content without buying the game. You can access most of the site except the game itself for free.

There was one mistake made in the hurry though. Due to the new access-flow, the price of the game got hidden too far. So only when joining a show you would be prompted for payment. We did not intend to deceive anyone, and now there is also a link “Buy the game” on the same page.

So far we are liking very much the comments we get on Steam! Naturally there are people who hate it, but we never intended to make a game for everyone. There are also lots of people referring us to titles like Facade, Sleep is Death, Sims and Second Life. All these are very relevant references!