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How long does a server last?

Blog post   •   Jul 12, 2016 12:53 UTC

Servers represent a considerably large investment for many companies, so it is no wonder that the life of one is up for discussion before a purchase. Considering the cost of investment, you don’t want to replace the server after just six months.

Quality costs

The old adage still applies – you get what you pay for. The key to a long life for your server is to find a suitable budget that can ensure that you can buy one with the necessary functions that support your business, both today and in the future.

Server Expansion

Most “low-cost servers” offer little room for future expansion. In order to offer a low price manufacturers must refrain from additional processors and other extra features that are often found in the mid-point and high-end servers. If your business is growing rapidly, you may need to upgrade your server, for example add more RAM or disk space. If your server is not expandable, you are then forced to buy a brand new one. Resist the temptation to buy a low-cost server and make sure you buy one that last over a longer period of time.

Quality and redundancy

It is not just the capacity you need to be aware of. The quality of the installed components and the amount of redundancy can both have a bearing on a server’s lifetime. If your business requires high uptime where you can not afford hardware breaks interrupting you should think about quality when you invest in a server.

A server’s life expectancy

A server expectant life is directly linked to the workload that it is connected to. It’s like a car, the more you run, the less effective it becomes and the more support it needs before it finally crashes. Most servers are made to last 3-5 years.

When is it time to replace server?

You must balance the various costs (power, cooling, etc.) involved for your server to keep it as long as possible so you do not have to invest in a new one within a short time. You must weigh the cost to keep your old server alive compared to what a new cost and how effective it is and what it ultimately makes your business.

In summary, it is usually better to buy a server that is extensible, space needs will often increase faster than expected. Quality costs, but pays off with fewer interruptions which could have significant impact on a business.

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