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Introducing the DfT Team for Sondrel Morocco

Blog post   •   Jan 18, 2016 12:19 GMT

The closure of ST Micro in Morocco last year meant that a large team of talented ic design engineers were looking for new positions.This afforded Gareth Davies, Sondrel's Director of Engineering, the opportunity to bring on board additional engineering expertise into the Sondrel team, and the DfT Team in particular.

Gareth, who was hoping for a quiet time over Christmas, has had anything but.  'It was an unexpected bonus' he remarked,  'travelling out to Rabat in the autumn of last year. It was my first visit to Morocco and I enjoyed the the food, culture and markets there. It has been full steam ahead out in Rabat to open up the new Sondrel offices and bring more engineers on board. The strength and depth that our new engineers in Morocco have brought to Sondrel and the DfT team was a huge plus point at the end of 2015. The team that we have established is experienced in working within projects where colleagues and customers can be located in other countries and time zones. This now brings the number of Sondrel design centers to five. We are ready for 2016. 

The Team Leader in Morocco, Khalid, explained his engineering background. 'I joined STMcroelectronics in September 2003 as a digital designer on TV applications. Two years after that I started my career in Design For Test on digital baseband ASICs, dedicated to mobile platforms. I worked on DfT modes verification at RTL and gate level, like Memorybist, Boundary scan ,high speed links and jtag. I also performed atpg and was involved in supporting the engineering team on debugging DfT patterns on Automatic Test Equipment.'

Khalid continued, 'During my experience with STMicro and STEricsson I was also leading a DfT team responsible for delivering high quality DfT of an important portfolio of IPs. This ranged from simple full digital soft IPs to complex Hard Macros, including high speed links like display and video subsystems for internal and external customers in Europe, US and Asia. Joining Sondrel is a new challenge for me, and a welcome one. It is a different set-up to previous companies that I have worked for, and it is good to be involved right at the start of something. An individual can make a real impact here, and that is exciting.'

Contact Gareth Davies to learn more about the DfT engineering capabilities of the team and how we might support your engineering projects. By phone: +44 (0)118 983 8550 or email

You can read more about the Sondrel DfT team on our website - - where you can find information on our consultancy services, engineering capabilities and download the datasheets on our DfT Consultancy and DfT for Automotive.