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Low Power Microcontrollers for Full-Color LED Lighting Provides Customizable Color and Brightness Adjustment [ML610Q111/ML610Q112]

Blog post   •   May 01, 2014 03:15 UTC

The growing popularity of LED lighting in recent years has spurred demand for greater functionality in addition to improved energy savings. Unlike conventional lighting, which is normally limited to simple brightness adjustment, LED lighting can provide more versatile dimming and color matching functions to enhance interior characteristics and suit various needs by optimizing conditions based on time of day or activity, such as waking up, eating, studying, or bedtime.

In response, the ROHM Group has focused on LED lighting-related businesses, taking advantage of technology synergy by combining LAPIS Semiconductor’s industry-leading low power microcontrollers for LED lighting control with ROHM’s market-proven LED technologies and solutions.

<PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) utilized for optimum dimming and color adjustment in LED lighting applications>

LAPIS Semiconductor has expanded its lineup of industry-leading high performance energy saving microcontrollers with 8bit low power MCUs designed to provide precise color and brightness control in full-color LED lighting applications. The ML610Q111 and ML610Q112 include 6 channels that not only enable individual PWM control of single-color white and incandescent LEDs, but simultaneous RGB LED control as well in order to achieve full-color lighting effects. In addition, precise lighting control makes it possible to customize lighting to complement interior designs, lifestyles, and activities.

<Key Features>

1,  6 PWM output channels built in for LED control

LAPIS Semiconductor’s newest 8bit microcontrollers integrate 6 PWM output ports, enabling brightness and color control of 1 RGB LED and up to 3 single-color LEDs (i.e. white, incandescent, orange). Both models provide 16bit PWM resolution, making it possible to program a range of patterns and lighting effects to suit user needs.

2,  Internal oscillator results in fewer external parts

The PWM control clock, which is generated using a newly developed clock oscillator circuit, is used in combination with the internal logic power supply regulator, reducing the number of external parts required. The result is a more compact form factor that contributes to set miniaturization.

3,  Integrated comparator makes it possible to flexibly respond to changes in the environment

The built-in comparator detects changes in the external environment, such as sudden voltage fluctuations, allowing for immediate response to ensure stable operation.

4,  Market-proven microcontrollers provide greater energy savings

Original high-performance 8bit RISC core delivers industry-low power consumption.

5,  Reliable operation even in harsh noise environments

Optimized circuit layout delivers high noise immunity, making it possible to clear ±30kV*1, which exceeds the Class 4 measurement limit (±15kV) specified by the IEC61000-4-2 standard established by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). This ensures stable, reliable performance even in the harshest noise conditions, such as in industrial applications.

6,  Complete support system

A total support system is provided, including a reference board that simplifies evaluation, customizable software development environment, user manuals and sample software, along with various documents and tools that can be downloaded from our website (registration required).