Polar Bear Packaging

Blog post   •   Feb 10, 2017 06:30 UTC

When winter comes to Shanghai it’s when we really start missing our homes back in Germany, Belgium, Russia, Canada, Romania and Sweden. You may ask yourself why… Well, we do really miss snow here. We desperately check our mobile weather apps every day to see if there is any hope to see at least a couple of snowflakes falling from the sky. Like polar bears, we need snow to make winter the best time of the year, otherwise it is not winter anymore, but just a cold season in between autumn and spring.

To make this snow-less winter more home-like, we decided to look for the nicest examples of polar bear packaging and share some of them with you. Enjoy!

Polar Bear Coke by Coca Cola

Bear Paws byCreative Agency B&B

Polar Bear reusable bag by Yu Che Lin

Polar Bear Beehive Honey Squares by Lacy Kuhn

Polar Bear Happy Honest reats by Justness

Snow Bear Butter Biscuits by Artisan Biscuits

Polar Bear Ramen packagingmerchandised for Sapporo Maruyama zoo, Hokkaido, Japan

Polar Bear Beer by Mack Isbjørn

Polar Beer Soup Set by Air Do

Polar Bear Shirokuma Brut by Cava merchandised for Sapporo Maruyama zoo, Hokkaido, Japan

Polar Bear Socks packaging by Oysho

Polar Bear First Aid Kit packaging by designer Amy Chen

Polar Bear O-nigiri flat case

Polar Bear Beer by Boréale

Written by

Yulia Karabash






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