The Joys of Games

Blog post   •   Jul 18, 2012 07:23 GMT

We’ve received a lot of great feedback from our early testers who particularly love the ability to jump into a character’s shoes and become a new person. I’m going to attempt to explain why.

As children, we all had dreams and rich imaginations. Just today I went to a picture and found myself staring at the grass wondering what the world looked like from an ant’s perspective. We had hopes and dreams of being firemen, astronauts, explorers and adventurers. But slowly the reality of the world began to set in as we were given bills to pay and jobs to fulfill.

However, there remains a piece of our childhood lodged in our hearts. We all wish we had the courage and resources to go to the airport and take the next flight out to anywhere and immerse ourselves in a new world. While those dreams may be unrealistic, video games give us a temporary break from reality and a chance to let our imaginations run wild again. Games like Dramagame aren’t just about amusement and enjoyment. These games let us explore our fantasies and for a brief period of time, we become someone new. The real world becomes more valuable to us because we can take a break from it. Our inner children become satisfied as we stay true to who we once were.

Here at Dramagame, we try to make sure your dreams come true.