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Thumbs up for touchless photo capturing

Blog post   •   Sep 12, 2014 11:28 GMT

To satisfy our customers’ need for uniqueness, Crunchfish touchless solutions support a range of gestures for various applications. For the first time, we have implemented the thumbs up gesture for instant photo capturing in Tinno Mobile’s latest flagship device - Sugar Macaron. 

Sugar Macaron is the first phone on the market allowing users to capture photos with a simple thumbs up gesture. Tinno Mobile chose thumbs up for being a simple yet efficient gesture representing a relaxed and positive way of triggering the camera. Thumbs up for taking photos is just one of many touchless features available in Sugar. You can also view and scroll images from your gallery and pause videos touchless.

Sugar Macaron is fabulous in more ways than its touchless features. It is colorful, bright and fun and equipped with 129 Swarovski zirconias for some serious bling. The result is beautiful, fashionable and imaginative.