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​Video Generates 70% of North American Streaming Traffic

Blog post   •   Dec 09, 2015 13:42 GMT

Internet TV services like Netflix took the internet by storm this year. People streaming movies, TV shows and user-generated content dominate North American downstream fixed broadband traffic during primetime hours — double the percentage from five years ago, according to new data from Sandvine.

For Sandvine’s December 2015 report, Netflix again leads the pack in video streaming with 37.1 percent of broadband peak (not really surprisingly) period traffic, followed by YouTube at 17.85 percent, and Amazon Video at 3.11 percent. Hulu had 2.58%, compared with 1.91% last time. Video and audio, what Sandvine calls real-time entertainment, now make up more than double the broadband traffic compared to five years ago. In 2010, Netflix and the like accounted for less than 35 percent of peak download traffic. Two years ago, in November 2013, Sandvine’s report pegged video streaming from Netflix and YouTube at just over 50 percent

“Streaming Video has grown at such a rapid pace in North America that the leading service in 2015, Netflix, now has a greater share of traffic than all of streaming audio and video did five years ago,” Sandvine CEO Dave Caputo said in a statement. “With Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video and Hulu increasing their share since our last report, it further underscores both the growing role these streaming services play in the lives of subscribers, and the need for service providers to have solutions to help deliver a quality experience when using them.”

2016 will be yet another blockbuster year for online video, with new challenges & opportunities, consillidations within the industry & new technology innovations. Will Netflix still dominate the online video viewing or will AmazonHulu or will D2C services and more regional Internet TV solutions take lead? One thing is for sure- 2016 will most defiantly be a fun & eventful year for the Internet TV industry.