Kyoto Hot Spring Hatoya Zuihokaku Hotel

Welcome to Kyoto: Message from the President, Kazumichi Iwai

Blog post   •   Aug 06, 2015 14:47 GMT

Kyoto, the capital of Japan during the Heian Period, welcomes over 50 million visitors every year. With its thousand-year old history, Kyoto is a city where tradition is embedded in the fabric of local culture. However at the same time, the city has embraced modernity, and this combination of old and new is what defines Kyoto today.

Hatoya was established in 1950 with Hatoya Zuihokaku and Hatoya Foods catering company as the core of our business.From the time of our establishment, we have received the patronage of tourists and Kyoto locals alike for over 60 years. At Hatoya Kanko, we are always seeking to provide excellent service to make our customers’ stay in Kyoto unforgettable. There is no other place that represents Kyoto's hospitality - Japanese omotenashi -better than the Kyoto hot spring Hatoya Zuihokaku Hotel. Our hotel provides a perfect location to explore the city of Kyoto as well as its unique traditions, food, and culture.We hope to maintain a fondness for tradition through learning from the wisdom of our predecessors, and we hope you will join us as we strive to be the perfect complement to any visit to our beautiful city.

Kazumichi Iwai