What to have in mind when diving on your vaccation

Blog post   •   Apr 17, 2013 14:17 UTC

Many feel drawn to try sport diving when spending a holiday in the sun, but is sport diving dangerous? Just like with any sport there is always risks involved. That there are risks shouldn’t discourage anyone from fulfilling their sport diving dreams, but it can be good to have some things in mind before you dive in to the water.

Consult with a physician before you go diving
Long durations under water put a strain to both your body and your psyche. To be in good health and to have basic fitness is a condition for recreational diving. Therefor it’s always recommendable that you consult with a physician before you go diving for the first time, especially if take medicines, feel ill or suffer from diabetes or asthma. 

Mind that the conditions of your homeland may differ from that of tropical waters
Just because you attended a diving education in tropical waters doesn’t mean that it’s just to jump in and dive in the water in your homeland  (and vice versa).

A contributing factor too many diving accidents among leisure divers is that many of them learn to dive in tropical waters, and when they come to their own countries to dive the conditions aren’t the same. For example the conditions can be such that the visibility is limited and you get frozen easily, which is not the case in tropical waters. Therefore: always attend a checkup dive in your home country before jumping in to the water if your only experience comes from diving in tropical waters. 

Tips for avoiding incidents
How risky diving is depends on a number of factors, among others: how good the visibility is in the water, the temperature of the water, your own experience and the quality of your diving education etc. But there are some basic tips that could lower the risk for an incident occurring:
• When diving, do it organized
• Choose your equipment with care, and always make sure it’s in good condition 
• Be prepared mentally

Make sure that your travel insurance covers when diving
If you’ve planned to go diving abroad it’s always important to make sure so that you have a valid insurance  when diving, most insurances namely doesn’t cover when diving. Without valid travel insurance it can be very costly if something should happen when diving abroad.