Why Morocco and Yoga do not fit together – and why therefore it's the perfect match

Blog post   •   Jul 05, 2016 15:15 UTC

In my last post about my deep fascination for Morocco I already mentioned, that when ever I talk to people about doing Yoga in Morocco they would be surprised about exactly this fact: Yoga with this hustle and noise level? Yoga in an Islamic country? Not to mention all other cultural prejudices about Morocco.

I never persuaded anyone traveling to Morocco because I truly believe that you either hear the call to come for a visit or you simply don’t. Just as I try not to convince anyone who feels resistance, fear or any other sort of rejection inside themselves.

Follow the call & you will find what you are looking for

The ones who decide to take the adventure, to follow the call, to open up for the difference, the eventual discomfort and the unknown, will find what they are hoping and apparently seeking for: a country full of mystery and myths. A country full of surprises and a country full of challenges - both on personal & cultural levels. But at the same time a country characterized by hospitality where ever you go, making us realize that we’re all the same: transient beings on mother earth looking for connection.

Embracing the paradox: Yoga in Morocco

Yoga is irreligious and unprejudiced. Yoga is everywhere – in vastness and narrowness, in silence and hustle. And yoga teaches us to appreciate and embrace exactly these paradoxes. Related to a concept called Spanda, yoga is encouraging us to notice that the one is coming from the other, that one effects the other, that one is existing and perceptible because of the other.

How can we experience comfort if we haven’t experienced a challenging discomfort before? How can we experience or know what is silence if we haven’t experienced hustle and noise as well? How can we experience vastness if we haven’t experienced narrowness before? And thus how can we experience oneness, the last limb of yoga according to Patanjali, if we haven’t experienced diversity?

Encounter the highest discipline of yoga

On a yoga trip to Morocco with NOSADE you are thus naturally integrated into the highest discipline of yoga and encouraged to encounter paradoxes therefore. We accompany this process with an along going deepening of your individual practice on and off the mat during your yoga holidays with us in Morocco.
Join us for this once in a lifetime experience!

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