Why We Made Dramagame

Blog post   •   Jul 11, 2012 07:25 GMT

Here at Tribe Studios we’ve created a completely new genre of gaming altogether. Dramagame really is nothing like what the gaming industry has seen before. We’ve questioned the status quo and made sure that we provide a beautiful and special experience. But we’ve also been asked why we came up with Dramagame and what inspired us. I’ve crafted a list of what drove the team to create this game.

We wanted a chance to be someone else: We’re dreamers. I personally find myself daydreaming of another life, another time, a chance to be someone else entirely. Perhaps as a child you wanted to be an astronaut or a chef. Dreams never die, and to this day I’m sure you find yourself imagining a different life, asking yourself “What if?” What if I made different decisions? We wanted to make a game where you could truly be someone else, where you actually play a character and have complete control over their words and decisions. This was the key ingredient, that you as the player get to escape and act in the role of someone else.

We wanted games that don’t demand all your time: This team is comprised of gamers and game developers. Unfortunately, as we get older we have more responsibilities and modern-day games don’t account for that. I’m the youngest on this team at 22 years old, and just a year ago I could have played World of Warcraft for hours at a time. Not anymore. We need games that provide short but intense bursts of fun. No endless work to get to the enjoyment of the game, no pain or sacrifice to find out how to have fun. Dramagame throws you directly into the story and expects you to make full use of your short 45-minute story.

We wanted games that promoted social activity: So many games today that try to be short end up making us isolated. I’m guilty of this myself, having pulled out my phone to play Angry Birds on my morning commute instead of taking the time to make a friend sitting near me. There is something inherently exciting and attractive about interacting with others. But interacting with others is also scary. Games provide you with an avatar to protect you against that scariness. Humans are social creatures, and games are a beautiful and unique way to meet people.