Ernesto Ríos, the complete artist

News   •   Aug 27, 2019 11:01 GMT

Creator of the largest mural in the world in his category, author of a trilogy that leads the reader to a reflection on life, participation in important works and portrait painter. Among those portrayed is the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. This is a bit of what Mexican artist Ernesto Ríos, who is considered a complete artist in the arts and culture, does.

In 2009 the Mexican artist was invited to make a large mural. Ernesto Ríos decided to make an increase of 1,700 square meters. As a result of his creativity and dedication, he begins to break a record that once belonged to Switzerland. “According to Guinness World Records, our mural was considered the largest in the world in linear and single-faced,” he said.

The mural that has been in the Guinean Book since 2009 was created by Ernesto Ríos in the city of Mazatlán in Sinaloa, Mexico. More precisely at the MIC (Mazatlán International Center), the country's famous convention center. "It is a dismantled mural, made of a metal structure that measures three meters wide by five meters high and 115 formal plates of the entire mural," explained Mexican Ernesto Rios, adding that a piece of work took a year and a half to complete. It was supported by 28 helpers, including painters, engineers, sculptors and other professionals, especially in the security area.

A trip to the heart

In addition to the fine arts, Ernesto Ríos also excels in music and literature. At first, he is a songwriter and singer of many songs and most of them are available on Youtube.

In the literature, published the trilogy "Viaje al Corazón" (Journey to the Heart), available only in Spanish, but is already sold out in bookstores. However, you can read your book in Spanish on some websites. In the three books of the trilogy, he talks about themes such as reincarnation and other themes that make the reader reflect on life. “The book shows my way of thinking, for example, that we should worry about seeing our inner self. Human beings need to reflect and know themselves”, said the Mexican.

According to him, it is necessary to explore the world of imagination, of creativity. “If we close our eyes, we can see each other, get to know each other better and analyze before defining what is outside of us”, he said. The book tells a long story of some characters who had several lives. “And in these lives they have grown to realize that paradise is nothing but a mental state and within the story, the reader will find that he can find everything he needs inside himself without the need to seek success, applause, recognition and other external things to which we cling”, concluded Ernesto Ríos.