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I See Brazil - International Perceptions about Brazil

Release   •   Jun 11, 2014 13:36 GMT

Boletim Brasil was created at a specific time - when Brazil stood out among emerging countries, against a backdrop of global financial crisis affecting developed economies. A positive outlook on the economic potential of BRICS was a current fact in the comments of the international press, and Brazilian companies were engaged in an active process of conquering new markets, taking advantage of the weakness of European and American competitors.

In these five years, the scenario has changed – as both the relevance of the Brazilian economy and the potential of the BRIC group declined. Since last year there is an increasingly negative perception towards the Brazilian economy, and less confidence in the ability of growth of Brazilian companies.

For these reasons, Imagem Corporativa has decided to reshape the content of the publication. Its main intention does not change - show a picture of how Brazil is perceived abroad. This goal is now enhanced with a new methodology, which includes the participation of an international team of experts in emerging markets, thar will give their opinions on Brazil in the period. The mix of consulted publications also was changed; I See Brazil will turn its attention to a smaller range of vehicles, admittedly influential, thus favoring the qualitative content analysis of the coverage on Brazilian themes. And it will also brings I See Brazil Index, a score of zero to ten points that summarizes the international perception around the country in the quarter.

I See Brazil Index ranges from an extremely negative scale (0) to very positive (10). Above 5 the results are considered positive.

In the first edition of I See Brazil, you can see that the coverage of the country was predominantly negative - impacted by themes like urban violence, economic slowdown and infrastructure issues releted to the World Cup.

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