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3 Best Asphalt Roads to Drive On In BC

Blog post   •   Oct 06, 2016 05:39 EDT

BC – A Scenic Paradise

British Columbia is a diverse land of geographical wonders. Sitting comfortably on Canada’s westernmost province, BC is defined by its majestically lined mountain range and the beautiful coastline. Its array of natural vegetation also includes thick temperate rain forests and cold, freezing mountains. The diversity in BC’s terrain makes it a breathtaking scenic paradise.

BC – A Road Haven

The quality of a drive is often determined by where a road leads through and where it leads to. Given the scenic wonders of BC, the province fails to disappoint when it comes to road trips. The quality of these roads can also be judged by how these roads were paved, taking into difficulty the conditions and terrains involved.

All things considered, BC offers some of the best roads to drive on in the world. The curves of the roads, the vegetation it leads through, the outlay of the asphalt, the varying weather, and the peaks and troughs in the road can often pose a thrilling and welcoming challenge to drivers and passengers alike. But like the saying goes, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

We have compiled a list of the 3 best asphalt roads to drive on in BC.

The Sea To Sky Highway

The Highway 99, previously known as the Squamish Highway, is known by a host of other names, most notably the Sea to Sky Highway and the Whistler Highway, due to the incredible “wow” factor that it has to offer. This brilliant asphalt wonder makes for one of the most spectacular seaside drives in the world.

The road kicks off at West Vancouver’s seaside village of Horseshoe Bay, with a banner that reads “Mile Zero of the Sea to Sky Highway.” Once a dangerous, zigzagging, two-lane route carved into the walls of the steep fjord lining the scenic Howe Sound, the highway was widened and tamed prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics. Roughly stretching north for about 85 miles or so, the Sea to Sky highway ends at Pemberton, from where Duffey Lake Road begins.

From the moment you begin the trip, a sense of calm from the ocean descends upon you, to a point where peace is a personal theme. All of that is escalated as soon as you reach the majestic fjords at Howe Sound and the mesmerizing mountains at Squamish. The comfortable roads added to the beauty of Sea to Sky Highway is enough to humble you and is a trip that will keep you wanting to come back for more.



The Kicking Horse Trail

The shortest road on this list, the Kicking Horse Trail makes this list because of the sheer magnificence of the way the roads are paved, and what beauty it has in store for its commuters. The trail derives its name from the famous Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, the ultimate destination of this trip.

What is most impressive of this drive is the way the road meanders up to the mountain top, and to the resort. As you slowly make the ascent, the view that unfolds is breathtaking and one straight from a postcard. The mountain overlooks the beautiful town of Golden, born out of the success of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the logging industry.

This road is not for the faint hearted as it begins to drastically ascend into the thin mountain air. It gains a staggering 475 meters in just about 6.5 miles! The Kicking Horse Trail is definitely a tick to get off of the bucket lists of road trip lovers.


source: Google Street View

Pacific Rim Highway

Along the colder regions of Vancouver is the island’s longest east to west highway, the Pacific Rim Highway. This stretch of narrow 2 lane road winds through and over the freezing coastal mountains and connects Tofino and Parksville, BC.

The road presents a challenge to the driver with its narrow and twist turns around the mountains forests and lakes. The winters provide a different challenge altogether as the asphalt becomes glazy and slippery. But, nonetheless, the views that this trail has to offer trump everything else. Its magnificence is almost nirvana-like. It is a must visit for nature lovers.

Huge pine trees lined along calm and blue lakes, and surrounded by majestic mountains, Pacific Rim Highway is a driving bliss. The weather also has a tendency to fluctuate as a warm sun-kissed temperature can suddenly drop down to freezing cold. Low-hanging clouds around the mountain add to the mystique of the drive.

What brings all the aforementioned drives together in this list is the expertise and skill that was incorporated into paving these asphalt roads. Taking into consideration the terrain and conditions involved in constructing these roads, these roads can be classed as brilliant examples of asphalt wonders. We, at Superior Asphalt Paving, provide our customers with such quality asphalt paving services.

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