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Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Winters

Blog post   •   Oct 03, 2016 02:41 EDT

Asphalt surfaces rate among the most durable and long-lasting surfaces. They are cheap and are used by almost everyone, whether it’s for a driveway, a parking lot, a street or any such surfaces. But this doesn’t mean that they will always remain impeccable. Asphalt surface requires regular maintenance to remain in good condition.

The winter season is just around the corner and mind you, it is one of the biggest adversaries of asphalt surfaces. Vancouver is no stranger to such consequences. Most people suffer the effects of agents that we normally associate with the winter season, such as, cold temperatures, snow, frost, dew and so on. They end up paying a sizeable sum of resources to repair their asphalt surface post winter. One essential and effective way to avoid such a costly headache is through minimal, but scheduled maintenance and preventive tips.

To help guide you and ensure you have healthy asphalt surfaces by the time winter is over, here are a few maintenance tips.

Start in the Summer

It is important to note that the key to any preventive measure is to start early. Likewise, when it comes to asphalt maintenance for winter, the work starts as early as during the preceding summer season.
Make it a point to seal off cracks, no matter how big or small, at the end of every summer season. Little cracks may not seem much at first, but it is these that will eventually mess up the entire surface. Apply seal coat to avoid the cold moisture from seeping into these cracks during winters. Because when the moisture seeps into the cracks, it loosens the soil underneath.

The foundation below the blacktop, which would have expanded due to the summer heat, will slowly begin to contract due to cold temperatures. When this happens several times over the winter months, it weakens the entire layer underneath. And with the loosened soil below due to the moisture seeping in, the entire surface gets damaged.

This will turn out to be very expensive to repair, compared to the cheap and easy seal coating preventive method. So start your preparations today itself. Superior Asphalt Paving can help you with fixing all your asphalt damages.

Remove Snow Regularly

If you’re living in Vancouver, you will probably have distinct experiences of how annoying the effects of snow can be on asphalt surfaces. Thick snow can prevent you from getting your car out, and even if you do manage to get it out, you’ll have to settle with driving on an extremely slippery asphalt surface. It does get annoying at times, doesn’t it?

Well, that is not all. There are much bigger problems that are caused by snow on asphalt. Thick snow, which is practically frozen moisture, seeps into the pores of the asphalt. Even if your asphalt has been seal coated regularly, letting snow sit on it is a big mistake. It damages not just the foundation but also the top layer.

Therefore, it is advisable to dish out a meager sum to get a professional to shove snow piling up on your asphalt. Getting it done by an amateur isn’t too wise as shoving snow without any skill can damage the surface.


Picture of Heavy-Duty snow Plows on the road.

Repair All Damages Quickly

Keep your asphalt surfaces healthy during the winter season by staying alert and making it a point to look for any minor asphalt damages once in a while. Even if you notice little cracks, you will have to get it attended to immediately. Get help from professionals at Superior Asphalt Paving to mend asphalt damages.

Winter season can be a rough time for asphalt surfaces but doesn’t mean you can’t do something to fix it. Contact Superior Asphalt Paving for asphalt repairs in Vancouver.

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