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Blog post   •   Oct 01, 2016 00:48 EDT

The game has changed since our last post about virtual visits, and it is now easier than ever to share an inside look of your business.

Forget “Street View” – Google Maps Business View now offers customers the opportunity to interactively explore the inside of your store, giving them the confidence in your brand that they’re seeking before they experience it in person.

While Google Maps Business View only includes panoramic photos, it is a huge stepping stone that will help you to stand out from your competition. Be the business that offers something that no one else has yet; make sure you’ve provided the sneak-peek that customers want before they make an appointment or head to a store.

If you really want to up-the-ante on your inside look, you can supplement your Google Maps Business View by providing a full 360 degree virtual tour of your business on your website. Check out LocalSphere’s tour of Artrageous Picture and Framing to see for yourself!

Virtual tours are a fantastic marketing tool for businesses, and they are equally as important for homeowners who are looking to sell.

As virtual tours have gained popularity they have easily become one of the real estate industry’s favourite selling tools, however most homeowners aren’t taking advantage of their potential when selling their property.

If you are looking to sell your home and would like to boost interest in your property and (hopefully!) receive more than your asking price, it is time to consider adding a virtual tour to your listing. Just see how amazingly effective it is for this Deep Cove property.

Would you like to learn more about how virtual tours can help you close a deal today? Contact one of LocalSphere’s Digital Experts for more information.