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Car Maintenance and Repair Tips

Blog post   •   Nov 17, 2016 01:11 EST

On buying a car, you not only invest in a huge sum of money but your valuable time and emotions as well. Even if everything in the world goes upside down; nothing can be more distressing than a damaged car. Even a single scratch on your car is enough to effect your mood.

We often try to postpone our car maintenance and repair for weeks, assuming it to be a tedious and expensive process. However, overlooking these minute problems can make you pay big fat bills in the long run. For an extended car life, it is important to diagnose and get your car fixed, as and when required. Given below is a complete guide for your car maintenance and repair:

Car Maintenance Tips

1. Examine your Car Cooling System
We often do not pay heed to our car cooling system until it completely breaks down. To keep your car’s air conditioning system work efficiently throughout the year; check for coolant availability, as it is the one that absorbs heat from the engine and keeps your car cool. You must get your radiator cleaned once in two years, to remove the dirt and dust. Lastly, running your AC on full blast for a few minutes can help you get rid of any debris, logjam or mildew.

2. Check your Wheel Alignment
Hustling over a speed breaker or crashing into a pothole or curb can disturb your wheel alignment. Uneven or rapid tire wear, wheels pointing in the wrong direction, squealing tires or a crooked steering wheel are all signs of unaligned wheels. For greater durability and safety; sign up for monthly alignment checkups, maintain correct air pressure in your tires and adopt a cautious driving habit.

3. Watch out for Corrosion
As soon as the weather gets humid, rust might settle on your car’s engine, frame, chassis, exhaust system, trunk compartment, undercarriage or the painted surface. A few sandpapers, grinders, wire brushes, phosphoric acid or a rust converter can help you fix the corroded areas. Keeping a coat of wax on your car or spraying a rust inhibitor on the potential parts, can keep your cars rust free round the year.

4. Replace your Engine Oil
For smooth functioning of the car engine, having clean engine oil is crucial. The dirt and debris accumulated around the engine often infect the motor oil. Old engine oil can lead to an engine failure if not replaced well in time. Draining out the old oil and adding new oil at regular intervals can help your car to run efficiently.

5. Prepare Yourself for Changing Seasons
It is important to get your cars checked with changing seasons. Whether it is spring or winter; you should immune your car for each and every season. The moment spring turns up; check your car for antifreeze, tire treads, brake and transmission fluid and correct tire pressure. A thorough car wash can help you wipe out the dust and salt.
As and when the winters arise, it’s time to wear the maintenance hat and protect your car covered in snow. Switching to snow tires or watching out for sufficient tread on the existing tires can prevent slithering on slippery roads. Proper functioning fog lights and windshield wipers for clear visibility, checking for fuels and battery replacement, routine break checks and adding gas line anti-freeze to the fuel tank are some of the ways to gear up and keep your car safe during winters.

Car Repair Tips

6. Foul Car Smell
A foul car smell can be a sign of failed emission control device, overheated brakes or clutch, electric shock, leakage or a flooded engine. All these potential threats should not be overlooked and must get repaired on time. Our experts diagnose and take care of all kinds of automotive repairs for your car.

7. Windshield Repair
A broken windshield reduces the overall car’s endurance and can also put your life at risk. Whether it is a small chip or a big crack, if you have a broken windshield, getting it fixed should be on your priority list. You can call us for even the smallest chip or crack. We provide affordable automotive services for windshield repair and replacement.

8. Brake Repair and Replacement
Brakes are an essential component for your safety. You must inspect your brake’s condition once in six months and address the diagnosed issues at the earliest. From brake rotors and pads to calipers, wheel cylinders, hydraulic fluid leakage; everything should be thoroughly checked. If your breaks are squeaking or making a rhythmic noise, get them fixed today.

9. Watch out for noises
Those creepy noises coming from your car can be an indication of auto repair. Whether it is the squealing, grinding or screeching noise of the brake, crackling, rumbling or rattling exhaust noise from underneath the car, peeping noise from under the hood or a humming, rumbling or roaring noise while driving must be mended, to maintain the strength and life of your car.

10. Rotate your car tires
Rotating your car tires is essential for a longer tread life and greater durability. You should consider rotating your tires after every six thousand kilometers drive or in every six months. From cross rotation, four-wheel drive to straight rotation or a five wheel drive; we provide you with preeminent tire rotating service in Abbotsford. We at Bob's Repair are the most honest and reliable automotive service provider in Abbotsford. With our latest diagnostic equipment, we provide quick and stress-free car repair facilities to our customers. We are the leading auto shop across the city and have the cream of Abbotsford Mechanics to
provide you with innovative automotive solutions. We work with an ardent vision to deliver superior customer value and not burden our clients with undue costs or delays. For Abbotsford car repair; give us a chance to serve you with an exceptional and hassle-free car repair experience.

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