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Blog post   •   Oct 12, 2016 05:18 EDT

If you haven’t heard of Google Data Studio yet, it is a tool that helps users compile their data into beautiful, easy-to-read reports. The reports are fully customizable, easy to share, and aim to be informative. In a nutshell, they’re as easy to use and useful as Google’s other online tools that so many web users have come to know and love.

How is this development big news for the online community?

According to Joao Correia, Director of Data Insights at Blast Analytics & Marketing:

“Google Data Studio marks the birth of a new era of how organizations consume, share and use analytics data to drive insights and create even greater business value.”

Essentially it’s likely to turn out similar to Google’s many other online tools: widely used and an industry leader.

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-5-26-15-pmThe three key promises that Data Studio makes are:

1. More accessible data – data will be kept constantly up to date as Data Studio “connects directly to all your key data sources providing access that is both direct and dynamic.”

2. More efficient report generation – the interface, visual design elements, and formatting capabilities are all easy to use, making report creation a breeze.

3. Better decisions – when your team has quick and accurate access to the insightful data that they need, they be able to make better decisions.

I decided to give Google Data Studio a go and, as promised, the reports looked beautiful and the software was easy to learn through the video tutorials. Even for those who aren’t “data people,” this tool is quite intuitive. Give it a try and see for yourself!

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