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Blog post   •   Oct 12, 2016 06:02 EDT


Our high quality medical magnetic mattresses offer features that most mattress retailers can’t offer. BIOflex® medical magnetics are a class 1 medical device recognized by Health Canada. Give us a call today and find out how it can help you!

How BIOflex®Magnets Work

BIOflex® magnets feature a series of concentric circular poles. The circles are of variable width and alternate between the N and S poles. This magnetic field configuration is optimal for modulation of cellular processes related to blood flow and pain reduction. Independent University studies have verified that the BIOflex® magnetic design of concentric circles of alternating polarity can consistently relieve musculoskeletal pain. The magnets act like an electric heating pad to bring more blood to an area, increasing the nutrients and building blocks the damaged tissues need for repair and accelerates the clearance of toxic waste products, overall reducing swelling. BIOflex® magnets are used exclusively in Restonic’s magnet mattresses, which is the only bed that uses a Class I medical devise inside the bed! BIOflex is the ONLY magnet therapy company that is traded on the TSX.V (Toronto Stock Exchange – Venture). Their trading symbol is BFT for BIOflex Technologies.

The BIOflex®Difference

BIOflex® magnetic fields penetrate into the tissues of the body with an effective 3D configuration to a significantly greater depth than other magnet designs. The feature of alternating poles of variable width ensures that the magnetic field “reaches” farther than a magnet whose poles are closer together (eg, “refrigerator” magnets). In the case of the other magnetic patterns, the poles are immediately adjacent to one another with no gap between them. Even though the surface measurement of the magnetic flux density is greater on such magnets, the field will be no different than just a few millimetres away from the magnet. Use of such “refrigerator” magnets to relieve things like lower back pain are doomed to failure since the magnetic field at this deep site of irritation is no different than that with no magnet. BIOflex magnets are designed to maintain their power over time.

Lower Gauss

Gauss is the measure of the level of induction of a magnets. BIOflex® magnets have the ability to “reach” into the tissues of the body at a greater depth than other magnetic designs. The feature of alternating poles of variable width ensures that the magnetic field will “reach” further away from the surface of the magnet than will the magnetic field of a magnet whose poles are closer together. BIOflex® magnets are designed to provide the proper gauss deep within the tissues to increase blood flow to the applied area. They are proven to work and as such are the ONLY magnets that are a Class I medical device with Health Canada, and the FDA in the United States. These magnets are only available in BIOflex® products and Restonic mattresses.