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Blog post   •   Nov 10, 2016 23:52 EST

As business increasingly takes place online, companies large and small are making great effort to establish their digital presence. There’s no doubt that effective use of online marketing is essential to generating growth, but how can companies know whether what they’re doing is working? Here are three simple measures to figure out whether your company’s endeavors are creating online success.

Web traffic is the starting point of any online marketing campaign. There are of course important factors to consider in order to ensure that you attract quality visitors at as high a rate as possible, but statistics such as new impressions and return visits go a long way towards understanding how successful your online marketing is. Tracking the amount of visitors to your site gives you a high level view of how effectively your campaign is generating traffic to your website. Looking at these numbers over time can also give you an idea of whether your presence is still growing, or if change might be needed to remedy a stagnated campaign. Google Analytics is a fantastic, free tool that’s widely used in the industry to track your website and keep an eye on vital metrics of online success.

Lead Conversion
Your website isn’t just about you, it is you. Every visitor to your website should be viewed in the same way as someone who walks through the front door of your store. A well designed website is structured in a way that will efficiently direct customers to calls to action, encouraging them to download additional info, browse products, schedule appointments, or make a purchase. The rate at which visitors click-through to such actions (known as “conversion rate”) is a good indicator of whether or not your website is doing its job well. A low click-through rate means your website is failing at what it should be designed for. There are several factors to consider in order to optimize conversion rate:

– Have clearly place Call-to-Action buttons which direct your customers to your desired outcomes
– Create effective Landing Pages to promote your offer and gather customer information
– Give visitors a Form to fill out in exchange for a deal
– Use a Thank You Email to provide customers with an easy reference to your business after they have completed your form

Return on Investment (ROI)
Local businesses don’t have the budgets of large corporations to throw around at marketing strategies that might or might not be cost-effective. A key consideration for these small- and medium-sized businesses is the tangible return they see for each dollar they invest in online marketing. Having a solid handle on ROI numbers can ease some of the anxiety that can commonly accompany spending on digital marketing. If you aren’t familiar with digital marketing, it may be difficult to see the value in purchasing services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM); however, looking at the ROI generated by these services will quickly convince even the most hesitant business owner that they are essential tools for growing business and attracting customers.

At LocalSphere we love helping our customers find digital solutions that work. Our products and services are all developed specifically to help companies increase their online marketing success. If your business needs to redesign or jumpstart its digital marketing campaign, check what we can do for you!