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Blog post   •   Oct 10, 2016 01:07 EDT

With modern technology and access to easy-to-use software, business owners and marketers have more power and capabilities than ever before to make their own effective and entertaining videos. Today, more than ever before, creating a video for your business offers the perfect way to reach potential customers. However, in order to achieve the traffic and marketing goals you have set for the video, it is important to learn what you should – and should not – do.Here you will find 10 video production tips to create effective video content for your business and marketing goals.Determine Your Concept

You cannot create any type of effective YouTube video or video to place in your web design until you have a goal or idea in mind. You also need to think about what the best way to apply this idea will be. For example, if you simply want to introduce your business, you need to decide if you focus on the entire operation or a smaller aspect of it. Also, when creating a corporate message, do you use a one-on-one interview clip with an executive or just videotape a statement or speech that is made?Focus on the Content
Be sure to carefully think about the visual elements that will help get your message across. For example, besides the speaker in the video, including close-up views of items that are being discussed can provide clarity.Consider Making Segments
If you have several different points, services or products you want to highlight, then you may want to consider breaking them up into shorter videos. This can make it easier for viewers to digest than one long video covering everything.Keep it Short and Sweet
Any effective online video will be short – as in less than two minutes. While YouTube has a soft-limit of 15 minutesfor unverified accounts, you should never go that long unless you have something truly compelling to focus on. If you do have a long presentation, break it down into segments to make it more easily digestible.Create a Call to Action
If you don’t add a call to action, what was the point in creating the video in the first place? Consider the goal of the video – to get more traffic to a landing page, increase calls, etc. – and create your call to action to help accomplish that goal.

Keep it Professional
No matter what your message is or who your audience may be, it is essential that you maintain a professional appearance. Be sure you have proper lighting, a steady camera and that the person speaking is doing so clearly. Also, prior to publishing your video to your website be sure you have reviewed it for any issues.

Extend the Reach of your Video
While you are obviously going to share the video on your website and social media pages, you should also ask your employees to do the same. The more you can get the video shared, the further reach and bigger impact it will have.

Don’t Forget to Optimize
When you place the video property online it can help to boost your entire online presence through the search engine results. However, to reap these boosting effects you need to create an accurate title and include a thorough description that includes relevant tags.

Consider Ads
Promoting your video on sites such as YouTube or Vimeo can help spread the word faster; however, you have to consider carefully whether this is right for you. In most cases, after promoting a few videos for a few weeks you can discontinue the ads, but they can be beneficial in the beginning.

Use it as Reinforcement
While videos are powerful, they should not completely replace your existing website content. Instead, use the videos to reinforce what you have published, to highlight unique features and showcase what makes your business great.

There is no question that video marketing is something all businesses need to embrace in order to continue growing and appealing to their target audience. With the tips here you can be well on your way to creating an effective video for your business.

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