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Why Choose Wooden Blinds For Your Vancouver Home?

Blog post   •   Nov 12, 2016 05:30 EST

Wooden Blinds – A Popular Choice

Ever since window blinds came into fashion as a household decorative accessory, they have been among the most popular choices. Not only do they add to the appeal of a house, but they are a wise choice for their practicality.

Wooden Blinds for Vancouver

Vancouver is no exception to this trend. Wooden blinds have time and again been preferred by most homeowners in Vancouver and rightly so. Their versatility and timeless look make them in perfect sync with just about any interior design.

A Fresh Outlook offers some of the best options of wooden Hunter Douglas blinds in Vancouver and here are a few reasons why many people include them in their interior décor plans.


Wooden blinds offer a great decorative option as it is compatible with most decorative themes. By painting them according to your liking, they blend in seamlessly into your room.

Their aesthetics add a sense of earthliness and warmth to the overall feel of a room. For style conscious homeowners, wooden blinds would be a good option.


The opaque nature of wood means wooden blinds can block out unwanted gazes just as they can block out unwanted light. Nothing can be seen through a wooden blind, which makes it perfectly suitable for needs of privacy.

This is especially a viable solution for those living in a close neighborhood or a busy street. Wood, being solid and sturdy, prevents even outlines and shadows from being seen, which adds to the sense of privacy for a homeowner.


In science, we’ve learnt about how wood is a great heat insulator.

Since wooden blinds are capable of preventing light and heat from coming into your home, it can also prevent heat from escaping, especially during those cold Vancouver nights. It can also be used to regulate the amount of harmful UV light and excessive heat on warm afternoons.


Very light yet extremely durable. That is exactly what wooden blinds are. Their durability makes them a good option for long-term use and provides owners with an easy-to-use option.

Wooden blinds are sturdy and can endure daily wear and tear. They are also immune to damage inflicted by people regularly adjusting and fidgeting with it.


One of the X-factors of a wooden blind is how easy it is to maintain. Unlike most fabrics or materials used for blinds, wooden blinds do not require to be taken out for cleaning. A little bit of dusting using a cloth and the occasional wash is enough to keep it within its prime appearance.

A downside of wooden blinds is that its quality can be blemished if it is constantly exposed to moisture. Therefore, they aren’t the best option for bathrooms.

Choosing a wooden blind for your next home makeover seems like a viable option, now that you its pros and cons. So once you have decided, give A Fresh Outlook a call for the best custom window blinds in Vancouver.