Emenac Call Center Services

Awais Gillani

Managing Director - Direct the activities and productivity of organization, Provide training and guidance to senior staff, hire, terminate, and train new staff. Create schedules. Work with the Assistant Director to sustain and grow programs and service.


  • kipgyrjozhawaitzvss@keemenkrac.com
  • 226-779-2834
  • 888 909 2207

Awais Gillani is the key person of Emenac Inc. and solely responsible for its sub-unit “Emenac Call Center Services”. With over 10 years experience in direct marketing, online marketing, international product sales, and applying a strong expertise in customer-driven, long-term strategic business and marketing planning for different businesses. “Gillani” is really a wonderful addition to the consulting services offered by Emenac Inc. to its clients. Professional behavior, ethics and strong educational background makes him singular in BPO Industry. He is on best to help clients in achieving their business goals.
Prior to joining Emenac Inc. as Managing Director, Gillani was a senior business consultant for Perfect Travel, where he led corporate business development and new benefactor systems with 70% success rate. In his first three years, Gillani increased the firm's marketing consulting revenues by 20%. While working with Perfect Travel, he was involved in exploring joint venture opportunities with companies and finally ended up being one of the artificer of “Emenac Call Center Services” in 2007 under Emenac Inc.