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Dennert Poraver GmbH donates € 44,000

News   •   Dec 17, 2015 17:03 EST

The Dennert Poraver GmbH donates € 44,000 at their locations in Schlüsselfeld and Postbauer-Heng. A total of 38 societies and charitable organizations benefit from the action.

With this year's donation Dennert Poraver GmbH appreciates mainly regional associations and institutions, such as volunteer fire departments , sports clubs, religious institutions, schools, and support programs for children and adolescents. A large proportion of the donations received the volunteer fire departments in communities Schlüsselfeld and Postbauer-Heng . With € 1,000 the significance of their service is emphasized.
In addition, the youth work is particularly important. "The € 2,500 are a welcome surprise and be well spent," said Rector Reinhold Hofmann. The elementary school Schlüsselfeld with its 18 classes has been renovated and renewed recently. However, there is always a need for new teaching materials, computer accessories or even to sports equipment, for which the donation will be used.
For the planned purchase of a youth bus the city Schlüsselfeld receives a grant of € 2,500. The Johanniter (a national counterpart like the red cross) thank € 1,000 to support the welfare center in Schlüsselfeld. In addition, the restoration of the parish church Schlüsselfeld is supported at € 3,500. The clubs "Music active ", "Rainbow" and "Friends of the kindergarten" of Postbauer-Heng are happy about € 1,500 each for their projects.
"With the expansion of our locations, the company is becoming increasingly important and for that reason we take our social responsibility to support local communities and associations," explains Matthias Gebhardt, CEO Dennert Poraver GmbH.
Additional to the existing plants in Postbauer-Heng and Innisfil (Canada) Dennert Poraver plans to build a third plant in Schlüsselfeld. The commissioning of the new production plant is scheduled for 2019. In the long term 100 new jobs will be created.