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Good News for Businesses who wants to hire a new call center by Emenac Call Center Services

News   •   Jun 04, 2016 09:16 EDT

Emenac Call Center Services has eliminated the tier based call handling system by launching the all new collaboration system.

Emenac Call Center Services has improved the customer support experience for everyone making the entire call handling system much more convenient and effective for businesses belonging to multiple industries. After years of research, ECCS has come to the conclusion that tiered customer support system is not good for business.

It is not only an unpractical approach, but can also sometimes be costly and time consuming. The collaboration system is by far the most convenient method of handling heavy call inflows.

Their project manager, Mr. Jordan Paul has vast experience and knowledge in managing and handling call centers. He strongly believes in the brand new collaboration system and assures the world that this new approach will revolutionize the call center industry with flying colors. All small and large scale call center service providers can follow the new and innovative call answering procedures and benefit from the never ending positive results.

The tier-based customer support system is no more referred to as a viable approach specially for handling inbound calls. Time is money and that is why Emenac Call Center Services has saved customers from going through the trouble of department routing. Business representatives as well as decision makers can now stay on the same page and make sure no customer goes unanswered. Emenac Call Center Services has not only reduced the burden for the callers, but has also made it easy for agents to communicate.

Many small and large scale businesses have suffered heavy losses due to tier based customer support services. Many companies have lost a large chunk of their clients just because they couldn’t solve their queries in the right way. Emenac Call Center Services witnessed that problem in the call center industry and decided to get rid of the department call routing system. According to the company, the best way to keep callers happy, is to solve their problems as soon as possible without making them wait or go through multiple procedures.

The all new collaboration system has not only given agents the confidence to work freely, but has also resulted in higher retention rate and lead generation ratio. No one likes to hear the busy tone or go through multiple departments and wait for 20 to 30 minutes. Emenac Call Center Services believes in accommodating callers as quickly as possible by making small teams of trained agents who can listen to each call and intervene anytime they feel the need to. This way, customers don’t have to wait for their call to be connected to their desired company personnel. ECCS has revolutionized the call center industry by providing the world with the new and highly practical collaboration system.