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How to Easily Recover Data in Our Daily Life?

News   •   Feb 03, 2016 02:17 EST

Many computer users often feel confused when their data lost due to all kinds of reasons. Some users data lost because their computer’s problem, like suddenly power-off or other hardware problems. Some data lost due to accidental deletion, a fault of files system or other reason. It is truly a big problem for guys when they want to share their travel photos with friends, or when they need to open an important file before starting a business meeting, or when some parents want to keep their life experience, but one day they cannot find their interesting video about their kids played football. You can image how confused they are when they meet these troubles.

So, is there any software can rescue these problems easily? The answer is YES. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an amazing tool to recover data, especially it has many specific recovery methods for different situations.

  • 1.Undelete Recovery;
  • 2.Lost Partition Recovery;
  • 3.Digital Media Recovery;
  • 4.CD/DVD Recovery;
  • 5.Damaged Partition Recovery.

For deleted files and folders, like some files that users didn’t know what time they deleted them but the files are actually important, they can open MiniTool Power Data Recovery, find Undelete Recovery module, choose the specific partition and scan. After several minutes, users can notice some deleted files, select your deleted files and save.

For some guys lost their photo, mp3/mp4, video or other media data from flash drive. Digital Media Recovery is the best choice for them. They can do the same operation like describe above. Sometimes, many flash drives, memory card or camera data loss is because of the files system formatted. During the recovery proceed, MiniTool Power Data Recovery can fix these problems by itself. Choose the best place to save the media data you want to recover.

For some guys, their partition was deleted accidently when they boot Windows system. However, there are many important files on the missed partition. Don’t worry about that. MiniTool Power Data Recovery can do it. The part Lost Partition Recovery is to recover files from the lost partition.

There are some worse cases about data loss. For example, some people cannot find their data although they already try all kinds of methods. They have tried Undelete Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, but their lost data cannot be found. How do we do? The module Damaged Partition Recovery can help us to deep scan and recover data from damaged, RAW or formatted partitions.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery supports Windows and Mac, which is a good news for Mac users. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery offers same recovery module except CD/DVD Recovery.