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38 Flowering Plant Remedies You can Use

Press Release   •   Dec 09, 2015 04:22 EST

Vancouver Canada- Bach remediesgive you 38 flowering plant remedies to promote a state of excellent health for you. The Bach remedies focus on emotional imbalances, by cleaning out the negative, positive is restored and has room to grow.

TheBach remediesbegan in the 1920’s and 30’s by Dr Bach in Mount Vernon. Since then he has discovered 38 remedies that can be used for various issues such as Mimulus, which is the remedy for being anxious or afraid about something specific.

Choosing a remedy doesn’t require a degree. You simply select the one that is for your problem. Lets take for example you fear that your child may be bullied at school, the remedy for that is Red Chestnt. Some of the emotions that can be helped:

Intolerance helped by beech

Unable to say no to people helped with centaury

Overwhelmed by responsibility helped with elm

Discouragement helped by Gentian

hopelessness and despair helped by Gorse

Is there any clinical studies that have shown Bach remedieswork? There doesn’t seem to be any scientific studies however there are cases that have been recorded in which the user has experience relief using these remedies. One such case is as follows;

“I have chronic breathing discomfort that goes along with an achy upper back. It’s never been diagnosed as none of my physicians or natural doctors are sure of what is causing it and nothing we’ve tried has helped. This morning for the first time I took 4 drops of the Rescue Remedy and it’s almost gone, within about 30 min time! Unbelievable. Thank you. Jennifer R.”

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