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AOR ADVANCED WHEY: Ultimate Source to Natural Protein

Press Release   •   May 31, 2016 02:15 EDT

AOR Advanced Whey - Light Vanilla

Vancouver, Canada: Proteins are important nutrients needed for the proper, efficient growth and development of the body. Proteins are really essential in the body and its deficiency in the body is really disastrous. Due to the lack of enough protein in the body, the body could have muscle atrophy and an impaired functioning of the body. Proteins are gotten generally from our food, but due to the fact that we humans need a sizeable amount of protein in our body, a drug was produced in order to enhance more provision of proteins in our body system. This natural supplement is AOR Advanced Whey. For more information about AOR Advanced Whey, visit

Why should you use AOR Advanced Whey

AOR Advanced Whey is a drug with so many benefit. Its list continues to grow. The following are some of the benefits of suing this product

  • It has a high concentration of protein as it readily supplies protein in sizeable amounts.
  • One other thing that differentiates Aor advanced protein from other whey proteins is that it is a high quality drug enriched with lactoferrin. Its enrichment in lactoferrin is up to 28% more than any other protein whey.
  • It performs antibacterial activities in infants.
  • AOR Advanced Whey is available in different flavors ranging from chocolate to vanilla flavor. Also, there exists AOR Advanced Whey in an unflavored form (powder).
  • This product also performs functions that strengthen the immune system.
  • AOR Advanced Whey can also serve as antioxidant.
  • It is also an anti-inflammatory product.
  • It provides nutritional support to the body.
  • It also enhances normal cell differentiation. AOR Advanced Whey is readily available at

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