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AOR Bone Basics – Stand Tall and Strong

Press Release   •   May 04, 2016 04:40 EDT

AOR Bone Basics

Vancouver, Canada –AOR Bone Basics contains calcium, vitamins and other essential minerals not found in ordinary calcium supplements. Comprised of hydroxyapatite complex, a bovine bone extract, this supplement is the perfect solution to treat concerns regarding your bone and makes them stronger than before. It is one of the few boron supplements and can, therefore, significantly improve bone health.


AOR bone basics is not your ordinary calcium supplements. It contains tons of vitamins and minerals to help develop stronger bones and prevent bone-related problems in the future. This supplement contains essential ingredients and offers several benefits including:


Our bones are naturally made up of calcium to ensure the development of healthy bones; you need to make sure that you are taking an adequate amount of protein in your diet. However, sometimes, it can be quite tough to eat healthily considering the daily chores we have to go through in both professional and personal lives. That is why supplementation of calcium is essential.


Glucosamine is a protein naturally manufactured by the body. It is secreted by the cells in our cartilages to maintain joint health and integrity. But, aging can sometimes make this process a bit slower and may eventually result in the development of arthritis. Good thing there are supplements like AOR Bone Basics that contain Glucosamine to supply the body with the essential components of stronger bones and healthy joints.


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps the bones absorb calcium for strength and density. The biggest problem with Vitamin D is that for the body to utilize it and to keep the bone stronger, it requires exposure to the sun to activate the vitamins and be used by the body. This can prove to be inconvenient, especially during rainy and winter months. Well, don't worry because the vitamin D in this supplement is already sun-soaked to deliver you the optimum results.


This vitamin works by taking calcium particles from the bloodstream and dragging them inside the bones. This lessens the chance of developing clogs in the arteries due to the deposition of calcium


Vitamin C is known to be an antioxidant and is an important component in the production of collagen, resulting into better and stronger joints


Among the minerals found in this supplement, one of the most significant content is Boron, which helps inhibit the release of calcium and magnesium out of the urinary tract and therefore can help preserve the levels of calcium in the body


Boron supplements just like AOR Bone Basics can really improve bone health and overall vitality. Get one now over at and enjoy amazing prices and discounts. Vitasave is one of the best Canadian vitamins and supplement retailers that offer a wide range of vitamins and supplements to help you live a healthy life.