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AOR Canada in the News!

Press Release   •   Dec 28, 2015 08:11 EST

Vancouver Canada AOR Canada has been in the news recently, with two very special announcements that they should be proud of.

First, their expansion of the production facility in Calgary, the update and expansion to their production facility and offices will allow them to provide even more quality products to the consumers who are looking for supplements that can help aide in their search for relief of conditions that we all suffer from. According to AOR Canada “this expansion will allow us to to produce even more innovative health products to better serve your needs. We will also be focusing on developing more topical and liquid products to enhance the selection of products that we offer. The new facilities will allow us to be more responsive to your needs, with not only more products available in the AOR line, but even more efficient processing of product orders and an expanded customer service center to assist you. Remaining green and being environmentally responsible is a high priority for AOR's new building; this is reflected in the design and material selection chosen for the new facility. Our hope is that the new building will allow us to work more effectively to deliver the best in natural health products.”

The second thing AOR Canada is in the news for is being one of the 2016 NDNR Physician's Choice Award Nominee. What exactly is the NDNR Physicians Choice Award? Naturopathic Doctors News and Reviews Choice Award is bestowed on companies that embrace naturopathic medicine and support naturopathic physicians, their practices and patients. Voting rules are that in order to vote you must be a licensed naturopathic doctor and a resident of either the USA or Canada to submit a vote. Categories included in the voting are supplements & nutraceuticals, diagnostic laboratories, compounding pharmacies, homeopathy, and botanical medicine, as well as software & business services. The competition is stiff with companies so to be a nominee is quite an honor.

With all this happening for AOR Canada, their future looks bright and they are primed to continue bringing you the best supplements available anywhere.

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