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Aurora Walker: Versatile mobility aid

Press Release   •   Nov 23, 2010 04:39 EST

AURORA Walker as the name specifies is an indoor-outdoor walker which is backed with great versatility features. The mobility walker is lighter, compact and loaded with several features creating a new level of refinement unmatched in its class. These mobility aid walkers are well known in the medical supply industry for assisting disabled people.

The steel frame walker provides maximum maneuverability and comfort for discerning people those who do not require the extra stability of a four wheel rollator. The walker is available with chrome-plated finish.

ProDe3 AURORA walkers are the best for individuals who find hard time walking with a regular walker. These are posterior safety rollers and interior rollers. These rollers/ walkers are specially designed to help people with diseases or ailments in walking or affects there posterior when they walk. The purpose of using these walkers is to keep individual balance and walking in straight lines.

Below mention are a features and benefits of AURORA walkers which make it different from other mobility aids like:

Impact Resistant Brake Handle: The walkers are designed to protect disabled person’s hands and fingers from being snapped or pinched by the brake handle while unlocking the walker

Speed Control: This feature is designed to prevent the Aurora walker from rolling too fast or pulling away from you Removable Back Support Padding: The extra large removable back support padding provides greater comfort and support to disabled person’s back
Removable and washable cushion: The large seat with removable and washable cushion on Aurora walker makes the seating more comfortable and relaxed Seat Height: The height of mobility walker is wither 19" or 21" Weight Capacity: The mobility ProDe3 AURORA walker can hold a weight capacity of around 250 lb Walker Weight: The weight of walker is estimated to be approximately 14.5 lb

The Bariatric walkers are made for individuals who weigh more than average population. These walkers generally hold a weight capacity of 250-350 lbs. In comparison with Aurora walkers, it dimensions are little bigger and has higher weight capacity approximately up to 600 lbs.

ProDe3 AURORA walker is available in three variants namely silver metallic, glacier blue, and red metallic. Compared with a rollator, it gives better support and cost lesser. Its main feature of this walker is that when walking with it, AURORA has to be lifted, moved forward and then placed back down for its proper function.


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