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Baby and Me Free, Support for both Mommy and Baby!

Press Release   •   Dec 29, 2015 04:47 EST

Vancouver Canada Baby and Me herb Free the real food supplement that supports both mommy and baby during pregnancy and lactation with phytonutrient rich foods that support strength and balance of the pregnant woman throughout the entire pregnancy.

These days many of us are worried about not only our health but the food and supplements we use to stay healthy. Baby and me herb free is certified non GMO (geo modified organism) this is very important for the fact you can be sure that Baby and Me Free will never hurt your health by containing GMOs which were supposed to help us with drought resistant food source but have instead been linked to many health problems that man has developed over the past decade or so.

To ensure that Baby and Me Free is non GMO they source their food from farmers who are only certified as non GMO growers in order to get real food. Real food is the first and most important ingredient in Baby and Me Free formula because nutrition always starts with real food first.

Once the food has been sourced, it is then smashed to pulp, after that it is then placed in a series of tanks that are full of good vitamin sources to blend them together. At this point they are then dried by start of the art dry system to the point of exact dehydration and no more. This protects the flavor, color, and nutrients of the whole food in this revolutionary supplement.

This is done so that when your take Baby and me herb free it is full of the nutrients your body needs that are readily absorbed into your system for fuel all day and support of all the systems of your body, including your baby’s system, starting them out from the beginning with a well of health for life. Imagine giving your child the wealth of health from the time of conception to continue through life on their journey with true real whole food nutrition. The benefits and supports of Baby and me herb free can help you manage giving your baby a life of health.

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