Balance Between Playing and Learning Chess

Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2017 06:05 EST

Toronto, OntarioIchessU is a chess learning platform that helps you to improve your chess skills and enables a perfect balance between playing and learning chess in the most efficient way.

It is an acknowledged fact that human brain at all ages has the capability to learn and make the right decisions which can be attained with the right training and proper exercises. Stimulating the brain with simple learning ways and playing with chess tutors makes learning chess fun and helps you succeed. Playing and learning chess with online chess tutors aids a person to drive away the lack of attentiveness and concentration span out of his/her brain with better perception, awareness, visual memory as well as spatial intelligence.

Understanding and mastering are two very different things in Chess. Anybody can learn the game of Chess but becoming an expert takes a lot of time and passion. As chess is not constraint to simple tactics that can be used again and again, but there are many strategies and moves which an individual needs to learn over a period. This learning can only come by playing and understanding this unique game with professional trainers and coaches. IchessU (International Chess University) provides you with access to the world’s greatest chess tutors irrespective of your geographical location.

There online instructors are world-class players and have taken on proper training to offer you with the best learning experience according to guidelines provided by ICC. All mentors at IchessU helps you master the game by providing a unique study module of learning and play that helps in using your memory and strengthens the cognitive ability of the brain.

IchessU is a renowned online chess school providing lessons and tutors to improve chess playing strength. They also provide inexpensive, affordable lessons from the comfort of your home. IchessU chess learning software is designed using modern, innovative techniques and is suitable for players of all levels, ages, from beginner to the seasoned expert.

So, if you are looking for Online Chess Tutors to help you in learning chess rules and improve your strategy skills, visit their website today. For more information or query feel free to Call us toll free 1-855-ICHESSU (1-855-424-3778) or drop them a mail at: info@ichessu.com or by online chat.

IchessU is world’s largest online chess school. They provide affordable chess lessons and coaches who help and makes your chess learning fun and interactive. The primary goal of IchessU is to develop creative thinking, intuition, sharpen memory, and most importantly, the ability to analyze and to make tough decisions by solving problems flexibly.