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Birth Control Medicines: Measures for control of birth

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2012 04:54 EDT

Birth control medicines have great demand in different parts of the world. On one side, there are men and women who like to have sex and who do not at the same time like to have a baby. Women in several professions, sometimes, choose not to get pregnant. Sometimes, sex, and not pregnancy, is what preferred by many of them. Parallel to this, governments of countries which are over-burdened because of tremendous rise in population frame the policy of family planning or family welfare, the purpose of which is simply birth control. Another important problem of this epoch refers to virgin pregnancy or teenage pregnancy. Even school children, large in numbers, are found to get pregnant in different countries, especially, in UK and America. Medicines for birth control are thus very important for a large section of the population.

People go for using hormones so that undesired pregnancy can be avoided. Oral pills, hormonal shot are known to most of them. Hormone is also made to work when vaginal ring or intrauterine devices are chosen by the incumbents, although these are not drug in any sense. It is important to note that users of such birth control medicines should have basic knowledge about the side effects that are associated with this.

Sponges, cervical cap, female diaphragm and condoms are other means that people select for restricting pregnancy. These means are rightly effective when men and women having sex are not prepared or either of a couple do not know the other. Condoms are fine for the reason that they check infection of sexual diseases apart from providing guarantee to prevention of pregnancy.

How to check pregnancy in younger life is a great question, no doubt. In some parts of the globe, sex education has been introduced within the school curriculum, but it is not sure what sort of assurance this has provided. Knowledge about biological demands of the body, reproductive system of the body and about problems to be faced for unwanted pregnancy may go to the head of the young boys and girls. It is, nevertheless, true that sheer knowledge cannot kill call of sex. Children or young individuals cannot control it always and they decide to have sex with no means of contraceptives or birth control medicines.

It is a fact that some of the educational institutions do supply oral pills to the teens and that their parents are consulted regularly to know if the girls are taking these pills or not. Side effects of oral pills are well-known, although the teens may not know this. It is better to depend on condoms and instruct the children to use the same if they need.

Maria Adli writes articles for AMAMeds, a duly licensed pharmacy in the province of British Columbia, Canada.