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Boost Your Metabolism with New Roots Boron

Press Release   •   Nov 29, 2016 05:18 EST

New Roots BORON 3 MG

Vancouver, Canada: Most of us are aware of several elements that are essential to our body development like proteins, vitamins, minerals, calcium etc. but very few of us really know about the importance and great benefits of boron. Boron is the naturally occurring element that is beneficial to our human body in more than one ways. Most important function of boron is that it affects the metabolism of our body and helps in absorption of several nutrients such as copper, magnesium and calcium. Another vital function of boron in our body is that it directly affects the functioning of several hormones like testosterone and estrogen.

Boron is popularly known as “Calcium Helper” by several expert nutritionists throughout the world as it serves in absorption of calcium in our body. As mentioned before the importance of boron to the human body is undervalued and not fully understood but recent studies have shown that it is very crucial to have boron included in our regular everyday diet in quantities of 0.5mg to 7mg per day. There are several sources of boron that we are little or not aware at all. Some of the popular sources of boron are: Spinach, tomatoes, apricot, beans etc. But most of us in USA and Canada consume meat, fish and other products that are poor sources of boron. Hence there is a need for additional supplements in order to meet the nutritional requirements of our body. This is where New Roots Boron comes into picture.

New Roots Boron is a revolutionary product that contains boron in precise quantities to meet the nutritional requirements of our body. Some of the benefits of New Roots Boron are:

It helps in better absorption of calcium in our body.

Helps in fighting of several diseases and also helps in improving brain functioning.

This product plays a vital role in regulating thyroxin, the hormone responsible for functioning of thyroid gland.

It plays a very crucial role in the reduction of HDL cholesterol from our body.

It cures the body from magnesium and potassium deficiencies especially in women.

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