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Natural Factors Probiotics - Ultimate Multi Probiotic for Restoring Intestinal Balance

Press release   •   Apr 27, 2016 08:17 EDT

Natural Factors Women's Multi Probiotic

Vancouver, Canada: Probiotic support provides the body with live microorganisms that brieflyadjustgut flora that helps in maintaining natural intestinal balance while improving digestion and immunity in the process. Natural Factors Probiotics is the Ultimate Multi Probiotic that has active cells, a blend of specifically cultured probiotic strains, chosen precisely for their unique compatibility properties and resilient capacity to withstand the acidity of human stomach, that otherwise will kill ordinary strains of probiotics. Surviving the gastric acid is the only chance for the probiotics to reach the intestines without losing its full potency.

Ultimate Multi Probiotic At Work

The excessive presence of toxins can cause a lot of ailments and health complications if it goes uncheck. The question is how to detoxify your body for a more effective result. With the growing availability of organic herbal supplements rich with engineered probiotics strains like natural factors probiotic, cleansing and detoxifying your body has never been this easy.

The unique formulation of Ultimate Multi Probiotic helps Lactobacilli improve the overall health of the small intestine and support the friendly bacteria, Bifidobacteria, in the large intestine. With the unique formulation of these probiotics strains, it helps preserve the natural permeability and absorbency of the intestinal barrier and maintain its overall health.

Healthy stomach bacteria began to decline due to old age, illness and rampant use of antibiotics. When good bacteria inside our bodies decline, the body’s vulnerability to pathogenic colonization increases correspondingly which often leads to tissue damage, inflammation and totalimmune system dysfunction on worse cases.

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