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Press release   •   Nov 29, 2016 01:48 EST

Kyolic Kyolic 104 Cholesterol Control

Vancouver, Canada: We all must be very aware of this very word “cholesterol”. Now days we get to hear this word very often than before. We come across this word in several media channels, articles, magazines etc. But do we really understand its meaning? Basically cholesterol is needed by our body for a wide variety of purposes like in enhancing hormones, synthesizing vitamin D and also to assist in digesting food products.

Cholesterol can be considered as packets that travels throughout our blood stream and these are made up of proteins and fats. There are two types of cholesterol. Good and Bad cholesterol. Low density Lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol is considered to be bad cholesterol as it blocks our arteries. High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) is considered to be good cholesterol as it helps in transportation of cholesterol from all other parts of our body back to liver and the liver ultimately removes it from our body through urine.

Since many people today in USA and Canada face a large number of arteries and heart related ailments due to LDL ( Bad Cholesterol), it Is essential that we control the levels of LDL from the very initial stages. Kyolic Kyolic 101 Cholesterol Control does just that.

Benefits of using Kyolic Kyolic 101 Cholesterol Control :

Kyolic Kyolic 101 Cholesterol Control is manufactured using 100% organic substances like garlic biulbs. These are initially extracted and the odor is removed and later they are enriched with several beneficial compounds.

Kyolic Kyolic 101 Cholesterol Control assists in elimination of bad cholesterol and ensures a healthy nervous system.

Choline and Lecithine are the main ingredients of Kyolic Kyolic 101 Cholesterol Control. Both of these are essential in proper development of cells and the membranes surrounding it.

Garlic along with Lecithin has been proven beneficial in not only controlling LDL levels but also in controlling blood pressure.

Directions for use: It has been suggested to take two capusles of Kyolic Kyolic 101 Cholesterol Control everyday post meals.

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