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Celadrin Cream- Topical Remedy for Pain Relief and Joint Flexibility

Press Release   •   May 27, 2016 04:35 EDT

Lorna Vanderhaeghe Celadrin Super Rich Skin Therapy Cream

Vancouver, Canada –Manage the pains related with joint stiffness now with Celadrin Cream,the trusted topical remedy for inflammation relief and joint flexibility. Celadrin Cream is the safe and natural anti-inflammatory cream with no reported side effects. This topical wonder benefits people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, sports injuries and other conditions affecting the joints.

Why should you use Celadrin Cream?

Celadrin cream has potent ingredients derived from natural bovine tallow oil. These substances comprise of a complex mix of esterified fatty acids that work to lessen inflammation quickly and safely. Celadrin cream also helps induce lubrication of cell membranes, thereby restoring lost fluids to problematic joints. In turn, Celadrin cream provides more cushion for joints and further decreases the inflammation and pain associated with under-lubricated joints. When used regularly, Celadrin cream also improves joint function and promotes more joint flexibility. These benefits help in restoring normal body movements especially in the knees, hips, fingers and elbows.

In summary, here are the great benefits of using Celadrin Cream:

All-natural, no synthetic ingredients

Promotes synovial fluid production

Provides cushions joints

Decreases joint inflammation

Eliminates pain caused by joint stiffness

Improves joint flexibility

Restores healthy movement and function

Celadrin Cream in comparison with other Remedies

When compared with more traditional anti-inflammatory agents such as Cox-inhibitors, Celadrin cream works way better. Cox-inhibitors are known to have some side effects related to its use of prostaglandins. Celadrin cream does not affect the cycle of prostaglandins too much, which is why it is the safer choice for pain management. Glucosamine, MSM, fish oils and Chondroitin are other good remedies for joint pain, but Celadrin cream’s beneficial effects are far better than these according to the many users who experienced first-hand the wonders of the cream.

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