Choose Effective Birth Control Measures

Press Release   •   Apr 17, 2012 06:12 EDT

As per survey reports are concerned, today’s women look for effective measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy. With the increase in the world population and a general awareness for serious diseases like AIDS/HIV has forced people to think on the different control methods. Apart from population, AIDS/HIV is considered as significant factor that forces the need for controlling birth. Therefore, birth control methods have turned to be more imperative to control the spread of AIDS and HIV.

Contraceptive pill was the first ever commercially produced birth control method adopted around the world and was prepared with hormones like Progestin and Estrogen. However, today’s women have many other innovative choices. Unlike the oral contraceptive pills, there are special devices that can be placed within the vagina to prevent the sperm from entering uterine cavity. Without the need to take regular pills, you can ensure greater convenience and safety with the modern birth control devices.

One of the latest innovations has been Mirena, which can be used as a long term birth control. You can use this birth control method continuously for about 5 years or so. This intrauterine contraceptive helps prevent pregnancy by averting sperms from passing through the cervix. Hence, it is directly fitted in the uterus. It primarily creates an effect on the hormonal system. This can also be used to cure the problem of heavy bleeding as experienced by few women during their menstrual cycle.

This birth control device is also available in the form of pills. If you’re willing to buy mirena tablets, then you must know that Mirena comes in a total course of two tablets. One tablet must be taken within the 72 hours of having an unprotected sex and the second tablet must be taken after a gap of about 12 hours of having the very first tablet. If you opt for the intrauterine device, you must contact your doctor. It needs proper assistance to insert Mirena for someone using such devices for the very first time. Once inserted you do not need to make any further adjustments for the following 5 years.

You can buy the medication from your local pharmacy. But, purchasing online will offer you discounted rates for the same device. Its unique and definitely one of its kinds that ensures continuous protection.

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