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Collagen plus – Reducing Collagen Deficiency

Press Release   •   Jan 01, 2016 02:19 EST

Vancouver, Canada – Collagen Plus is a protein supplement that supports the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is a protein found in the human body that strengthens the nails, teeth, bones and hair. There are numerous collagen connective tissues in the body providing a structure for tendons, skeletons, muscles and cartilage that support internal organs and offer protection to soft tissues. Collagen Plus works by stopping gums from receding, strengthening bones and smoothening the skin. To learn more about Collagen Plus, please visit our health stores on

What Causes Collagen Deficiency

The main cause of collagen deficiency is aging. As a person grows old, the amount of collagen produced by the body decreases. Collagen deficiency also occurs as a result of the body’s poor or low uptake of silicon, the trace mineral that the body requires to make collagen. Often, silicon is found in herbs, food and silica supplements but in this form, it is not absorbed well in the body. This causes the body to lack the necessary nutrients it needs to produce collagen. Other causes of collagen deficiency are:

- Environmental factors like exposure to the sun

- Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever and lupus

Collagen deficiency leads to development of a sagging, wrinkled skin that easily gets scarred. It also causes muscle soreness and discomfort. Serious collagen deficiency in cartilage also causes joint pain. Even so, this problem can be easily avoided by taking Collagen Plus so that cartilage connective tissues remain nourished and functional. You can visit Vitasave to learn more about Collagen Plus.

About Vitasave

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