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Concentrated Ultimate Omega - Double-Strength EPA+DHA for Increased Omega-3 Benefits

Press release   •   Jul 09, 2016 07:03 EDT

Nordic Naturals

Vancouver, Canada– Nordic Naturals Concentrated Ultimate Omega; Concentrated Ultimate Omega is certainly one of the leading products, providing important fatty acids which are the cornerstone of a human life. Essential body fats, highly relevant to our body are omega oils three and six. They are named essential because our body needs them in order to operate properly. Omega-3 oils can´t be produced in our body, which is why supplements or a proper diet are needed to support all main body systems. Omega 3 oils are also very beneficially for skin, hair and restoring of primal defense system, including the uninterrupted body functioning. Despite all significant positive effects of Omegas, people all across the globe still experience Omega–3 oils deficiency. Most of us don´t even realize that Omega-3 oil deficiency represents a serious problem for our body.

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Why should you use Concentrated Ultimate Omega?

Nordic Naturals Concentrated Ultimate Omega provides the assistance to the body and mind. It delivers more omega-3 oils than most other omega-3 products, and helps to support mental health, cardiovascular health, brain function, and contributes to reducing serum triglyceride levels.

Double-strength EPA+DHA for enhanced omega-3 benefits in fewer soft gels

meaning you get better health benefits in a smaller dosage

Helps to support cardiovascular health and brain

supports healthy and consistent mood balance

Exceeds severe international regulations for purity and freshness

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