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Cosmetic Dermal Fillers: Best of Treatment against face Wrinkles

Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2012 03:05 EDT

Aging is inevitable and nobody can avoid it. One of the problems related to it is that some individuals do age much before they are expected. Some lines surface on different areas of the face. One may not lipstick lines, crow’s feet, frown furrows, acne pits, forehead lines etc which minimize the natural attraction of the aging-affected person. Yes, wrinkles on the face make one look older. Yes, nobody can be happy if lines appear around the nose and close to the mouth area. With aging marks, personality of an individual is injured and his or her self-confidence may also go down, On the other hand, humans have natural craze for having a beautiful face. People have found out materials to combat aging or untimely aging. People have found out cosmetic dermal fillers.

Cosmetic dermal fillers come in the form of micro injections which are pushed straight inside the skin on the areas where wrinkles do form. These injections hold certain natural chemical content, to be precise, Hyaluronic acid. When it is inserted within the skin, creases developed on the affected area are gradually covered up by the gel and after 15 minutes to 30 minutes lines on the skin begin to disappear to provide unquestionable youthful look. Time that is required for pushing the injections on the skin varies from patient to patient.

Result of the treatment with cosmetic dermal fillers is, however, not anything to offer permanent solution for the problem. It does work for a period of six months or a few days more depending on the condition of the patient concerned. As this kind of treatment has limitation of the time period, the patients receiving such treatment should maintain a calendar so that they do not miss or cross the next injection date.

This sort of treatment against aging is not really painful, but the patient can experience little pain for some time and such pain is quite bearable. Generally recipients of this medication do not find any side effect; of course, on rare occasions, one may find itching, swelling, rash, redness or slight inflammation in the limited area. Nevertheless, this is nothing but a sort of short-lived allergic reaction. These side-effects are healed up within short time.

Cosmetic dermal fillers are available in the market in different brand names prominent of which are Juvederm, Restylane, Evolence etc. Purpose of use of these products is not same and they depend on the necessity of the patients in question. Patients must secure proper guidance and advices from their personal physicians before they go for this treatment.

Maria Adli writes articles for AMA Meds, a duly licensed pharmacy in the province of British Columbia, Canada.