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Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 06:44 EST

At one time having shirts and suits made was a luxury thought of as being available only to professional athletes, investment bankers, and other very wealthy individuals. Now more and more people are discovering the comfort and quality of custom made clothing. Many are also finding that in today's competitive business environment, maintaining a distinctive appearance is part of achieving success.

One of the main attractions of custom made clothing is fit. A shirt or suit made to your exact measurements will be comfortable in an entirely different way from an off the rack garment. This is particularly important for those who are an unusual size. It's not just seven-foot tall NBA players who require special fitting. A tailor knows how to construct a garment to accommodate individual variations in proportions of the arms, neck, shoulders, and other areas. A garment cut and constructed to your specific frame will allow you to sit and move with ease.

The other advantage of having clothes custom made is the selection. You create the look you want to reflect your individuality. With shirts you can choose the collar, cuffs, pockets and any other details. You can select premium quality fabrics in different patterns and weights. Even the thread color is up to you. The same is true of a custom suit. It will always reflect your own distinctive style.

Most top professional tailors working today learned their trade the old-fashioned way, through serving as an apprentice and working their way up in the business. This means that the tradition of fine workmanship and service that has developed over the years is available to the consumer today. As an example, commercially made men's shirts usually have 12 stitches to the inch. A custom made dress shirt will have 20 stitches to the inch. In an age of cheap disposable products, there is real value in a custom made suit.

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